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Updates for my Portfolio for March 2022

Things have begun to settle down and I can continue with life. For my side project, it is placed on hold again due to surrounding works, how annoying.
  • Buy MarketAxxess at 311
  • Buy Veeva Systems at 196.06
  • Buy Amazon at 2473.72
  • Buy Tencent at 330
  • Buy Ping An at 51
    • Reasons/Notes
      • Just adding to my current positions.
That's all for my money for now. 

The US market is plunging quite significantly, might get some opportunities but I am worried I run out of cash as my current cash balance is rather low. I am thinking of cutting a few positions (maybe VEEV and MCO) to raise cash and swap.

I have place a small % of my net worth in crypto-assets.


My portfolio YTD is now -25.42%, with the long term XIRR at 7.47%, pretty much the same as VT's performance. It is times like these that I question myself about how I am doing.

My cash position is currently at about 1-2%. Have to wait for cash position to accumulate while waiting. I am looking to deleverage across the next few months to have capital to capitalise on opportunities. It seems like the 350k mark has been tough to break through. Hope it does by end of this year.

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