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Maximising Returns on My CPF
A handbook for Maximising your CPF

Finally there's a CPF guide written just for Singaporeans.

In an easy how-to-guide, Maximising Returns on My CPF is packed with information and insights into the various functions of CPF such as:
  • Housing
  • Medical
  • Retirement
  • Legacy Planning
Maximising Returns on Your CPF is a great guide for anyone:
  • Young people entering just entering the workforce
  • Those who are starting or already have families
  • Soon-to-be retirees
  • Teaching your kids financial education
  • Helping your parents with their CPF

Make the MOST of your CPF to MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU.

You can get a copy here:

For those of you not using either platform, I do recommend Kobo (it is my favourite platform as well as eInk reader).

What's more for Kobo, if you sign up with a new account, you can get a discount (40%) off your first book too (which makes it much cheaper than Amazon) if you sign up directly from Kobo

P.S. For those using eInk Readers like me, I added QR codes for certain links to make it easier for you to open the links by scanning with your smartphone as we all know eInk Readers have terrible web browsers.
EDIT: I have gotten some feedback about people having issues getting the discount. After registering, wait for the next email after (sometimes it comes fast, sometimes it takes up to a day). The email should give a discount code like here:

Should be a 6 character unique code

Just go to the store and apply the code when you check out :)

Before applying the code
After applying the code

Regarding the original referral, I contacted Kobo and they told me that it works for US or EU only (not sure why they had the link then, because the gift voucher option for US and EU was disabled right from the start).

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