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Updates for my portfolio for May 2019

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. I am still working on something on the side, hope to get something out by end of next month. Let's see how it goes.
  • Buy Booking Holdings for 1670
    • Reasons
      • This is one of the biggest online travel agency out there with a rather wholesome network. Quite scalable due to its agency model as well.
      • 2018 EPS of $83.26, which is about 21 P/E which is near the 5 year low PE of 20.
      • I was targeting 1666 thereabouts based on support zone but I figured 1670 would be more conservative. True enough, the lowest point I saw was 1663 for the first half. Don't want to see a repeat of certain counters such as GAPack.
      • There seems to be a sorta divergence but let's see how it plays out after the market close
      • Anyway, while writing this, the share prices fell further but no issues, will continue to monitor.

Well, that's all for my money right now. My cash position is accumulating (~10%), but have to save more. In addition, I'm probably looking to unload some weaker positions in case opportunities arises (I'm pretty sure I'll see some).

For those of you who wanna see more information, my portfolio is on StocksCafe, you can find it here.

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