Giving Each Dollar A Job

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Well, some of my friends know that this is the beginning of my PH-less, no more weekends, and no TGIF-half-the-time life.

It is tough but not too bad.

But OCBC had to send me this:

Yes, they are going to "update" the benefits like how they made the 360 account "just got better". And it is not even a year for me with that card. =.="

Well, could also be my fault. I guess I'm too frugal.

Looking on the bright side, for many people, it makes this card more useful especially for young singles with the weekday and weekend perks, I do know many of my age who loves to go cinemas, bars, clubs, karaoke and cafe hopping. Get to save more with what you usually spend (not going out to spend more mind you).


I picked the FRANK credit card because it allowed me to stretch my dollar with more savings.

It was already bad enough for me that the NETS ATU is limited to the first 2, and now they drop it to 3%, making it worse, the everything else is also reduced to 0.3%.

The rebates are capped at $60 for all spend, unlike the past where only Online Purchases+NETS ATU are capped at $60, the 0.5% is unlimited.

The breaking point for me is that they changed the minimum spend to $400 excluding online spend at NETS ATU. I'll never hit that spend! And I'm gonna pay for annual fees? Talk about negative ROI.

I'll probably search for another credit card (OCBC Plus Credit Card?) that will give me more cashback rebates, if nothing works, guess I'll go back to using Debit Cards (FRANK/PLUS debit).

It also affects the interest I get from my 360 account :(

Worse case scenario, I might even switch over to UOB One Account with that One credit card.

Guess I'll evaluate my options again :)

How about you guys, are any of you on the FRANK credit card and it killed the deal for you too? What card would you pick to suit your lifestyle better?


  1. I guess all the good cards will get nerfed eventually. I make it a point not to do anything because after some time, it's just not worth the effort LOL

    1. Hey LP! Well, I thought I finally found a card that is very suited for a niche I'm in, while being able to maintain frugal spending. The card is actually better for more youngsters now I feel. :) Just that it becomes unachievable for me. :(

      Maybe I'll get the PLUS Credit Card which probably act like a debit card which will help me fulfill the CC spend for my 360 I guess

  2. I think they are reacting to each other. Citibank also made some similar adjustments to their Dividend Visa Card.

    1. Sigh, I guess they use awesome benefits to attract customers then slash them later once they have the desired number in hopes that the customers don't switch because it is too troublesome.


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