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Well, this is an update (hopefully the last one) on SSB of my prior post here.

It is confirmed that SSB will be issued on 1st October 2015 but applications open on 1st September 2015.

There is a website for all info you want to know here.

You'll need your bank's iBanking as well as a CDP account to do it. 

Interest rates
Check back on 1 Sep to view the interest rates for the first Savings Bond.

To help you determine the interest you will be getting each year, this section will feature an interactive interest rate calculator that allows you to enter your desired investment amount and how long you intend to hold the bond for. You will be able to use the tool to see how the return on your investment would change with your investment period.
There's probably everything you need to know there on the website, worth a quick read before you put money in. :)

But that being said, I'll won't be putting money in there any time soon (I have yet to max out the 360 account), but I will KIV it in the future as an easy way of bond laddering paired with fixed deposits. =)

But for those who have loads of cash and wanna park money temporary, this could be a nice parking spot. As well as for those who are risk adverse, this would be generally (and probably) safer than putting money in a bank deposit (Singapore's AAA rating is much better than many banks out here :p). The 10 year yield is probably much higher than fixed deposit rates for now.

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