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Updates for my portfolio for November 2019

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watch list (I am relying on a few subscription services right now). I am still working on something on the side, but I recently found out that my calculations were completely wrong. Imagine weeks to a month or two of work, gone and back to ground zero. Damn sucky I say. Hope it is done by the end of year. Work has been rather stressful and busy recently with little to no time to watch over the markets.
  • Buy Eagle Hospitality Trust at 0.475
    • Reasons
      • I decided to average down again
      • I could be likely catching a falling knife here though
      • The share price has stabilised around my average price, probably see if there is a short term recovery and sell more units
  • Sell Singtel at 3.33
    • Reasons
      • Switching to another counter because I wanted to conserve cash
      • I sold on a short term rebound only for the India segment to announce good news. Sigh.
  • Buy Keppel Corp at 6.77
    • Reasons
      • I was reading TheBearProwl article about Keppel and I actually agreed with it (the article is here).
      • At this current price, compared to the target instrinsic value of $15, seems like a good price to go.
      • Could also consider Temasek's buy out for a portion of my portfolio
  • Sell Interactive Brokers 45 Puts for 1
    • Reasons
      • I decided to just queue again since the share price ran up right after that.
      • I didn't get assigned and prices have ran up. I guess I am probably another fool here.
  • Buy Interactive Brokers 45 Puts for 0.2
    • Reasons
      • Decided to close my IBKR options and shift to BNKG.
  • Buy Booking Holdings at 1908.13
    • Reasons
      • Despite the increase in share prices due to solid results, the valuation was pushed even further. 
      • Valuation wise is even cheaper when I first got in. It is 19x PE now.
  • Buy GreatView Aseptic Packaging at 3.55
    • Reasons
      • Averaging down to increase my position in the portfolio
      • The share price plunged hugely after the removal from the MSCI China Index.
      • There is still heavy competition in the Chinese market and they recently trimmed off all of their weaker clients. The trimming did not cause a significant drop in the net profit margin. Hope the international segment will grow.

Well, that's all for my money right now. I am intending to let go Eagle REIT and Ho Bee Land and switch to other counters or raise cash, but let's see.

My cash position is accumulating (~13%), but I have to save more. I would expect to see some level of increased cash inflow from work, but I would hope to really find ways to build other sources too.


  1. Thanks for sharing :) Always a pleasure reading people's personal updates!

    1. Hi SCEИE,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Let's hope December is a better month, though there could be better bargains if the market continues to fall.

      Warmest regards


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