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I have been wondering how using MoneyOwl is like.

I was reviewing my own insurance portfolio and wanted to switch one of my plans.

So knowing what I wanted I jumped straight to it.

You can see the different kinds of insurance sold here.

What annoys me is that MoneyOwl, even after I create an account with all my personal information, it doesn't save your birthday. I have to re-click the dates again when I want to change certain filters to have a look.

So here are the plans listed, Aviva is at the bottom (my screen isn't big enough).

I selected the plan I was interested in and got a screen where they would contact me.

Back on your account dashboard, you can see other services like the front page should you require more (not at the moment for me). There's no sales popups. Just clean, plain and simple.

P.S. Those who are interested in writing simple Wills for themselves, there's an option there too!

They contacted me via email which I liked more than phone calls.

I was then invited to their office to sign as well as explain to you regarding the policy you are buying to clarify doubts. There was no upselling just simple and straightforward. Wonderful experience.

This move also reduces the cost of my previous Shield Plan significantly and helping me to meet the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) faster to build my Special Account faster to meet the Full Retirement Sum (FRS).

For those who aren't sure what they need, MoneyOwl offers fee only advisory rather than commission based advisory too.

I look forward to get more plans from them, perhaps either the investment one with Dimensional Fund Advisors for my family or topping up of Life coverage.

If their DFA funds can be invested with CPF (come on guys, Endowus is gonna get that business soon) and SRS, that would be awesome.

How are your experiences with MoneyOwl?

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