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Updates for my portfolio for August 2019

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watch list (I am relying on a few subscription services right now). I am still working on something on the side, hope to get something out by the end of next month. There seem to be new challenges in life personally recently as well. Let's see how everything goes.
  • Sell PSQ 34 Calls for 0.10
    • Reasons
      • Playing and testing with a concept which a recent reader who discussed on my blog previously, using a very low Delta as well as a timeframe of 2 months, with a deep out of the money option.
      • Low yield but low chance of triggering, while keeping your positions
      • Seems to be hard for non-index counters but let's see how it goes.
  • Buy Lion Rock Group for 1.35
    • Reasons
      • Trading at 7.3% yield, which is at the past 10 year historical high yield of 7.3%
      • Adding more as it is still tiny in my position and it fell to 1.14 and by the time I noticed market was closed, I transferred funds in to add, the next day it rebounded to 1.21. Talk about frustrating, I wish FSMOne has GTD or at least GTM orders.
  • Buy Greatview Aseptic Packaging for 4.15
    • Reasons
      • Been queuing it at 4.14 for quite a few days, Seeing a rough support zone at 4.15 range, I decided to change to 4.15. After my order was filled, it dropped to 3.94 FML. It wasn't low enough to average down again so I missed that price.
      • Adding more as my prior position was rather small

Well, that's all for my money right now. Singtel has fallen, I blame myself for not selling earlier. I am intending to let go more positions, namely Singtel, Ho Bee Land and Kingsmen Creative and switch to other counters such as OCBC, but let's see. Silverlake Axis fell 7%, just before my target averaging down price and rebounded, talk about a frustrating month.

My cash position is accumulating (~20%), but I have to save more.

My StocksCafe portfolio will look funny because it now includes portfolios I am testing and playing around. So I will update my holdings here.

On a personal note, I have been playing around with some maths for FIRE in addition to investing.

So I made a calculator for myself here:

Also, I have one for my CPF (I would do more but it is too painful to do all the salary inputs again, I have another spreadsheet for it).

If anyone is interested, I could probably piece all together (well, at least the FIRE Calculator). I might do a post about it one day.

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